Do you sell only show dogs?

No, we sell show, performance, and pet puppies. Non-breeding stock is sold only on a limited registration basis. All puppies are expected to have their hips and elbows x-rayed at two years and have their eyes checked between one and two by a board certified ophthalmologist. Boxer puppies are required to have their heart checked by a certified cardiologist through the OFA or Holter done. This is the only way I can know we can keep accurate health records on ALL the puppies in a litter so we know what direction our breeding program is going and that future generations of Belgian Sheepdogs/Boxers will be healthy. If you are not willing to do this then please don't buy one of my puppies. Serious performance homes will receive dogs that are as structurally sound as our show dogs because they need as good - if not better - structure to maintain a lengthy performance career. If you plan on doing competitive performance sports please let me know

​What is the difference between a show quality puppy and a pet puppy?

Most of the time it is merely cosmetic. It could be too much white on the chest, perhaps a female that may be too masculine in appearance or a male that is too feminine in appearance. It can also be a cryptorchid or monorchid male, if there is one in a litter. To show in Conformation a male has to have two descended testicles. Sometimes in a Belgian litter a Tervuren colored puppy will show up in a litter as it is a recessive color. Those pups can be shown in Canada or in UKC shows as a Tervuren but not in the conformation ring in AKC. They can also be shown in AKC herding, tracking, obedience and agility. Sometimes in a Boxer litter a White colored puppy will show up in a litter as it is a recessive color. Those pups can be shown in Obedience, Agility, Rally, etc, but not in the conformation ring.

We support the White Boxer. We do not support or promote the breeding of the White Boxers.
The white gene comes from the flashy gene in Boxers, which is a recessive gene. So, you have to have two dominant Boxers to produce the flashy puppy! Solid white Boxers are not albinos. If they have pigment. Any small spot on their body, brindle or fawn they are referred to as checked or parti colored. They're not albino.
Some people ask what can they do with the White Boxer. Start by loving it, training it and protect it. They are just as smart as the colored Boxer, just as loving, playful, happy and devoted. As an added note we wanted to add something regarding the so called "Rare" Black Boxer. Falsely advertising them as Rare and asking outrageously high prices because of the so called "Rare" Black color. There are some breeders that promote the Black Boxer as rare when in fact they are not. They can not be registered with AKC. They are not within the standard of the breed. To many unscrupulous breeders are taking advantage of people telling them that they are "Rare" when in fact they are not. Most of the Boxers advertised as Black are in fact a Reverse or Seal Brindle. If there is one spot of Brindle when the Boxer pup is born or shows up at a later time it can not be labeled as a Black Boxer. Stay away from those breeders that falsely claim to have the "Rare" black Boxer. If you find a breeder that says the black Boxer can be registered with AKC they have lied to you. They can not be registered. White Boxers, yes. Black Boxers, never. Always check with AKC when in doubt. Yes they can be registered with CKC. CKC allows you to register most any dog with them as long as you send in a couple of pictures so they can see what it looks like. If it resembles the breed they say it is then they will register it. Not a reputable, worth while registration. Pictures do not prove this dog is full blooded. So be careful when you are searching for your Boxer. Boxer ONLY come in Fawn, Brindle, and White, don't be fooled by rare colors as those are Boxer Mixes!

How much is a puppy?

Show quality puppy is $1,500

Pet quality puppy sold on a limited registration and a spay/neuter contract is $1,200

Co-ownerships for show and breeding dogs are worked out on an individual basis.

We DO NOT ship puppies! It is safer to fly here and take your puppy home in the cabin in a sherpa bag if the puppy is between 8 and 10 weeks. I don't make money raising dogs. By the time one raises, trains, shows a dog to a performance or conformation title and have done all the necessary health checks you have spent thousands of dollars on each dog. And some dogs just don't turn out to be breeding quality.

What about temperament?

Temperament is one of the biggest criteria in our breeding program. But what is a great temperament for one home may not work out at all in another home, so we do
PAT temperamenttesting between 7 and 8 weeks to discover the tendency of a puppy's personality and to try and insure it will fit into your family situation and with your personality as much as possible when dealing with a 7 or 8 week old puppy. Structural evaluation is done at 8 weeks of age following the Pat Hastings Puppy evaluation method. Puppies are placed in new homes between 8 and 9 weeks of age. Puppies also start listening toPuppy Sounds by Dean Lakewhen their ears open and continue on till they leave. By then the CD should only bother us humans! Puppies also play with a PVC Puppy Play Gym with multiple items to play with.

How do I know which puppy is mine?

Puppies are selected for their owners based on the show standard, structural evaluation, and temperament testing of the litter. None of this will be evident until all evaluations are completed. The only time we may be able to tell which ones are pets from the beginning, would be if a color distinction was visible. Even when we keep a puppy for ourselves, we don't know which one for sure until the very end. I put up puppy photos on my web site on a regular basis but a photo does not convey a true picture of the puppy's temperament or physical qualities. I am happy discuss in great detail my observations of each puppy and my rationale in recommending them for a particular home. Some owners are strong leaders for their puppies and some are easy going and sensitive, different puppies work better for each personality.

Why don't I get to pick?

I try and be very fair to puppy buyers and deeply respect their desires in finding a puppy to share their lives with and I discuss my evaluations and rationale in great depth. BUT my first priority is to the PUPPY, they did not ask to be born and they can only trust that I am successful in placing it in a home where it will be happy and the owner will be happy too. Sometimes a buyer is attracted to that active confident boy but may not have the experience and personality to handle the drive and confidence when he reaches maturity. I breed for both competitive performance dogs as well as competitive conformation dogs. Sometimes I have owners that a serious performance people and sometimes serious conformation people. Occasionally owners that are both. I put A LOT of research, time and money into finding the right male to breed my females to and successfully breeding her to that male. If using frozen semen, repeating the litter is not an option. If I am fortunate enough to be successful and have some special puppies that have the character, health, structure and type I am hoping to get from a breeding I would like for those puppies to be bred from in the future. Belgians have a small gene pool and there a not a lot of dogs that are bred and have litters. Those that are outstanding are the ones that should be bred. Same goes for Boxers, but the gene pool is larger but not always better.

Belgian/Boxer owners are some of the most responsible dog owners I know and so have a strong desire to be responsible and spay and neuter their dogs. Many performance people do not wish to have some of the complications an intact dog may have. I understand that as I compete too! Girls come in season right before a big trial and boys get distracted by girls! But I do reserve the right to place puppies I really would like to see bred in the future, in homes where that is an option, either by coming back to me to whelp and raise the litter, if not convenient for the owner, or the owner can raise the litter. This is NOT something I require of every puppy! But sometimes I have a couple of puppies where they have the qualities I was hoping to bring into my line and I don't have the time or space to keep them.

Sometimes it is easy, I have some puppies with excellent performance potential and average show potential. These puppies are a good match to the performance homes who don't want to show. Sometimes there are puppies that have excellent conformation ring potential but average performance potential. Sometimes there are puppies who I don't think are performance or show but still great companions and family dogs. Sometimes I get really lucky and to have a stunning show puppy with a fabulous potential for performance. Both show only homes and performance only homes want that special puppy. This is where I need to find a home that will both give the puppy a job and get it out in the show ring and, if all health checks are good, then let it contribute to the next generation. I promise to discuss at length my observations and reasons for thinking a puppy is a good match, or not, with a potential owner and their goals for their new puppy! I truly want each owner to be happy with their puppy and the puppy to be happy in it's new home.

What do I have to do to reserve a puppy?

To reserve a puppy, you must first be approved. We admit, it is almost like adopting a baby. We want to be sure you are the right home as much as you want to be sure you are getting the right puppy and have thought through the responsibility of bringing a large active dog into you life for 12 or more years. We will want to talk with you so we can both be comfortable about communicating with each other. If I do not feel I have the right puppy for you and your family or lifestyle, I am very happy to refer you to another breeder and litter. I do not want to place a puppy in a home where I feel it will not be a good fit.

We do require a home check or references, before placing a puppy. I have generally had very good luck in placing puppies but the few times it has not worked out have caused me to institute this requirement for the safety and well being of the puppies I place. I do accept deposits, I also ask that if at anytime you change your mind or circumstances in your life change then you will let me know as soon as possible. I have a puppy contract that covers health guarantees as well as responsibilities and expectations of both the buyer and seller. Available on request.

How do I get my puppy?

We prefer that the owners drive and get their puppies, especially if they have very specific requirements in a show or performance puppy. As we DO NOT SHIP any dog or puppy!

What should I ask of a breeder?

Do not feel embarrassed to ask a breeder to provide you with copies of health clearances. All OFA certifications can be verified on the OFA web pages. Currently there is no test for epilepsy, so no one should be claiming that their dogs have certifications or clearances against epilepsy. The only way to know if a dog has had any idiopathic epileptic seizures is to observe the dogs 24 hours a day - a physical impossibility. We can only tell you that to the best of our knowledge we have never witnessed the dogs we are breeding having any seizures. I wish we had better answers for this health problem, but at this time we don't. The BSCA and ABTC, in conjunction with the AKC and the University of California, Davis, are working on isolating the gene. Hopefully in a few years a test will be available.

Some Boxer lines are know for Degenerative Myelopathy (aka DM). Another important thing to beware of is Cardiomyopathy, so always look for breeders who have their dogs hearts tested by a certified cardiologist or Holter Monitor is used.

We strongly recommend that you research the Belgian Sheepdog breed and Boxer breed as thoroughly as possible. Belgians and Boxers are not for everyone. They are a high-energy, sensitive and protective breed. Be comfortable with the person you are dealing with when purchasing a dog, you are also buying a relationship with a breeder. You need to 'click' with the breeder.

A good breeder is with you for the life of your dog!

Frequently Asked Questions