Belgian Sheepdogs

Our love for the Belgian Sheepdog started back in 1991 with our first Belgian who was returned to his breeder due to lack of care by previous owners. Once back in health he became ours. He served as a 4-H dog for myself and my sister and of course a beloved pet. He was known as Billy, Legacy's Billy de Loup Noir.

He made us love the breed, so then we purchased another Belgian from a couple at a local dog training school. He was already 2 years old and the couple felt he wasn't the right dog for them. I continued his training in Obedience as he became my next 4-H project dog and my very first dog I would compete in AKC with. For many years in 4-H we won at our local fair "Highest Scoring Dog in Obedience", along with competing at State level as well.  I completed his AKC CD title in January 1999, with a run off for 1st place, which we ended up taking! He was known as Cody, Winjammers Wild Bill Cody, CD.

In 1995 we purchased our first "Show Dog" from a local breeder who was also my 4-H Advisor, Barb Ward of Legacy Belgians.  What I mean by show dog, she was the first to open a new chapter with Belgians as it was the first time we would compete in AKC Conformation (AKA breed ring.) We started to learn how to properly show a Belgian along with grooming them for the show ring. Also began learning about pedigrees.  Since this opened a new chapter I started not only competing with her in the breed ring, but also in AKC Junior Showmanship and 4-H Grooming & Handling. At local 4-H level we won many "Highest Scoring Dog in Grooming & Handling" and also placing at State Fair level as well.  She finished her Championship with the help of a friend, and was 1 leg shy of finishing her AKC CD title before she was retired.  She was known as Inde, Am CH Legacy Life in The Fast Lane, CGC.

Through the years we have owned many more Belgians who helped us become who we are today. In the mean time we also have owned a Golden Retriever, Australian Shepherd and many Boxers.  We co-bred a Boxer litter with Mac Boxers, and have co-bred a couple Belgian litters with Images Belgians. We have also bred Belgians litters on our own as well.

Our Goal


About Us

Our goal is to breed a Belgian Sheepdog of sound mind, body, and excellent health, that meet the breed standard and type.  We are hoping that with a lot of time, effort, and research that we will not only meet, but exceed our goal.  Not only do I want my dogs I breed able to compete in many venues I also strive for them to be excellent family companions. ​