After many years of showing in Obedience we decided to take a chance in the Conformation ring. We brought home Inde! From Jess's 4-H advisor Barb Ward of Legacy Belgians. We brought her home at the tender age of 4 months, as Barb wanted to either keep her or find her a show home so she offered her to us and that's when we officially started showing in AKC Conformation. Inde attended her first AKC show after turning 6 months old. She attended the 1995 BSCA Nationals in Allentown, PA. Before Inde left us she attended her last BSCA Nationals in 2003 in Allentown, PA! Inde finished her AKC Championship with help from a friend in the Winter of 2003. Inde passed away in 2009. 

Jessica started working at Promway Kennels as a part time Kennel worker in 2004, after graduating in 2005 she became a full time Kennel worker at Promway, before starting her Grooming career in 2007. Since then she no longer works as a Kennel worker, and was a full time Dog Groomer at Promway Kennels in North Canton, OH. Currently head of Parts Department at Ace Mitchells Bowlers Mart in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Not only being involved in dogs and dog showing Jessica is also a avid bowler during the winter months when long distance traveling to dog shows isn't so fun. Bowling 3 nights a week and competing in tournaments on weekends. She carries an average of 218+.

We are always open to talk about our dogs and our breeds! Feel free to email us at anytime!!

~ Jessica Vandegrift & Cinda Turansky ~

About Us...

Jessica started her passion for showing dogs in 1994 at the age of 8 years old. Her first dog she trained from scratch was her German Shepherd and Pitt Bull mix, Bandit. She was Jess's first 4-H project dog. The older Bandit got the more the "show" stuff she didn't want to do, so Jess started working with Billy until he unexpectedly died at 6 years old. Before Billy's passing we bought a half brother to him, who was also looking for a new home. Cody (Winjammers Wild Bill Cody, CD) became Jess's new Obedience dog in 4-H and AKC. For 3+ years Jess and Cody were Highest Scoring Dog in Obedience at their local fair. In 2001 Jess finally finished Cody's AKC CD title with a run off for First, with a score of 194.5!

In 2003 we got our first Boxer, from a friend who Jess helped handled a few of his dogs at shows. Harley is the reason we fell in love with this breed also! Harley quickly became a UKC Champion and UKC Grand Champion, and had two AKC points Owner-Handled! We lost Harley in 2009 to Lymphoma.  After Harley's death we bought Mia who also became a UKC Champion. She was also the mother to our first litter of Boxers in 2009. Before we knew it we lost Mia to Lymphoma in 2011.

‚ÄčOn December 25, 2009 we bred our very first Belgian Sheepdog litter, keeping the pick male from the litter (Apolo) who finished his AKC Championship July 2013. Always shown by Breeder/Owner Jessica from the Bred by Exhibitor class. We strive to keep producing healthy and sound Belgian Sheepdogs & Boxers that illustrate the breed standard and type and can perform in all venues.  Correct temperament, health, and structure are the most important items we strive to produce in all our dogs. Our goal is to not only produce outstanding show and performance dogs but also great family pets.

Lightning is a very small kennel in Canton, Ohio....Home of The Pro Football Hall of Fame. We take pride in our dogs and devote our life to doing things with them. Our Dogs are a very important part of our family.

Lightning is family hobby between Mother (Cinda) and Daughter (Jessica).  That started back in 1991 with their first Belgian Sheepdog, a rescue named Billy (Legacy's Billy de Loup Noir). Cinda raised Siberian Huskies back in the 1970's before learning about the Belgian Sheepdog. After 30+ years working for American Electric Power (AEP) she is now retired and devotes her time to the dogs.