Our love of Belgians began in 1991 from a local breeder who had a older Belgian returned to her due to lack of care by previous owners. Once back in health he became ours, his name was, Billy. At this time our dogs were just family pets, until I joined 4-H at age 8, and decided to take the dog project as my sister was taking the horse project. 


However, our love for the breed grew as we purchased another Belgian from a couple at a local dog training school, Cody. He was already 2 years old and the couple felt he wasn't the right dog for them. Strangely enough he was also a half brother to Billy. I continued his training in Obedience as he became my next 4-H project dog. I showed both Billy and Cody in 4-H Obedience. 


Cody or Billy never made it into the breed ring, as they were not show quality prospects. However, Cody did earn his Companion Dog Title in AKC (CD).


As we became more involved in the breed we later ended up with puppy from Billy's breeder, she became our first show dog. Inde was our first welcome into the AKC conformation breed ring world. Where I have been fortunate to meet many great breeders of this breed. I showed her in 4-H Grooming & Handling, AKC & UKC Junior Showmanship, AKC Obedience and AKC & UKC Conformation. With the help of a friend she later became my first AKC Champion and had 2 of 3 legs towards her AKC Companion Dog Title. Which both times she placed 1st and 2nd for her two legs.

Between Cody and Inde I won numerus High Scoring Obedience Over All and High Scoring Grooming & Handling Over All at my local fair in 4-H. Also competed many years at the Ohio State Fair as well.

Throughout the years along with my Belgians I have also owned a Golden Retriever, Australian Shepherd, and Boxers.


We didn't breed our first litter until 2009. We have co-bred a couple Belgian litters with Images Belgians and also a Boxer litter with Mac Boxers. When breeding we like to stay with the Johnsondale lines as they are our favorite line and feel they are very important to the breed.

We love our dogs no matter what they accomplish as first and foremost they are our pets!

Billy & Jess
Cody & Jess